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Efficient one-pot synthesis of enantiomerically pure N-protected-alpha-substituted piperazines from readily available alpha-amino acids : N -protected-α-substituted piperazines from readily available α-amino acids.

  • February 7, 2018

A new pathway towards enantiomerically pure 3-substituted piperazines, bearing a benzyl protecting group, has been developed in good overall yields (83–92%), starting from commercially available N-protected amino acids. The methodology represents an efficient and simple one-pot procedure, employing a synthetic sequence consisting of an Ugi-4 component reaction, a Boc-deprotection, an intramolecular cyclisation reaction and a final reduction (UDCR). From the benzyl protected precursors, the 2-substituted piperazines bearing a Boc-protecting group could consequently also be obtained via a simple protection and deprotection step of the corresponding piperazines. The practical utility of this methodology was demonstrated for chiral drug synthesis.


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